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Receipt tab is where you can see all receipts grouped by events. You can also add, delete, edit or search a receipt.
Add a receipt, tap the add button in the upper right corner. Enter the amount and the description,select the event to which the receipt is added.
Optionally take a photo of the receipt.
Select the payer by taping Payer.
Tap on Payees to select the payees.
You can also tap on an event and tap Add receipt in receipts section.

Plus Version:
You just tap on amount to fill amounts. Receipt can be paid by more than one person and they do not have to pay equally. Even the payees do not have to have equal amounts. 
Tap done your receipt is added.
You can tap on each receipt to show you more details about that receipt including Amount, Description and payees.

Edit a receipt: Tap in Edit button in Receipt tab and you can change each receipts. You can change, Payee, Payer, Description, Amount and the photo. You cannot edit the event to which the receipt was added.

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