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At any given time, navigate to People tab and tap on a name.You will get the most recent Who Owes Who and How Much per event, let’s call it WOW$. When you tap on a name in the people tab from each event, you might see two numbers.
One is blue and up arrow. This means this person owes the person whose name is on the top.
If you see a red with down arrow, this means the name on the top has to pay this person.
If that person is paid off, you will see a green paid off.That’s the WOW$ part. On top of this screen, it shows how much this person has to pay and/or how much that person is receiving in that event

On this screen there are couple of things you can do:

  1. Each receipt can have its own currency(Plus version only).You will see shares in each currency.
  2. To pay your debt or get paid from the person who owes you. Swipe any two to reveal to actions. Pay off and amount. If you the full amount has been already paid, you can just select pay off. This implies the person who owes has paid the other party. If you are worry who pays who, look at the arrow. It tells you who is paying who. Let say you ow someone $15.00 but you gave him $10.00 and you will pay the remaining $5.00 later. In this case, you are not paying the entire debt so select Amount and enter the amount you paid ($10.00 in this case). The system updates and it shows you now owe only $5.00.Remember it was $15.00 when you began.
  3. To transfer a share. You owe your colleague’s brother but you don’t see him any more or at least not as frequent as you see his brother. A share between any two people can be transferred to third person. Let say you owe Tom $12.00 and you want transfer this to Tim (Tom’s brother). Now you owe Tim $12.00 more and Tim owes his brother $12.00 on your behalf.
  4. Tab the i button to reveal  all receipts and transfer to see what is included in that number

I still see my wife and two teens’ name on the list and each of them owe someone and one or more person owe them. I thought you said something about family members. Yes and it shows numbers for your family members because you have not mentioned anything about them being members of your family. You can create a family with your wife and two teens in Family tab

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