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All you need to do is: Add and event along with people joining that events. Then add as many receipts as you want and the App does the rest. It tells you Who Owes Who and How Much.

Tap the add button upper right corner to add an event.
Enter event description and optional detail.
Enter people’s name who are joining this event or select people from other event.

You can choose a country/currency for each event (Plus Version Only)

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Move to Receipt tab to see all receipts or add a new receipt.
To add a receipt simple tap add button and select the event to which the receipt is being added. Tap on details to enter amount, payers and payees. You can optionally add an image of your receipt. Select  a payer and one ore more payees. Tap done and receipt is added.

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People tab is the brain of the app. Tap on each name to see the shares grouped in events

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If you decided who is the head of family, go to Family tab and hit + button. Pick a head in your chosen event and hit ⨁ to choose members for the selected head.Person with no ⨁ is the only person without a family who cannot be chosen as a head. This person can be added to an existing family.If there is no ⨁, everyone is in a family.

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If you want to transfer the share between Tom and Bob, tab on Tom or Bob in the People tab and tap on the corresponding share. You will see a list of people to transfer to.
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To Settle
What if I owe Alex $15.00 and I have paid him?
Simply tap on your name or Alex name on People tab, you will see that $15.00. Swipe to delete that row. You and Alex are paid off

What if I just want to pay $10.00 now and $5.00 later?
Swipe the corresponding row and enter amount. That easy

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