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The idea started when I was a grad student and had lot of shared expenses with friends. Including many 2-day camping events, one-day picnic event, sharing a birthday gift and much more.

For events such as camping or picnic, usually each person was responsible for a portion of expenses and at the end of the event, we had to calculate the hard part which always was Who Owes Who and How Much. So why not get our phones to the hard part, and we just enjoy the event?

That’s where brain storming started and now we have an app to do that for us. Just enter receipts and know the who owes who at any given time.

Special thanks to Mr. Razmin Soltani for his endless help and efforts to support the idea and to help us to implement it. Also Razmin designed the entire website from ground up.

Thanks to Mr. James Steele who helped us during development.
Thanks to Alfonso Verlezza for all UI design he did for us

We named the website after the most beautiful land on the east coast of Canada, Nova Scotia.

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