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version 4 is ready to download

Some extra screens to select an event are removed and those screens are now embedded in appropriate screens.
Some confusing screens are removed(information button on each name on People tab is removed).
People tab does not group people in events which caused duplicate names shown.
Removing each person is moved under editing event page.To do so, move to Events tab, hit edit then tab on any events.
Receipts tab looks simpler.
Adding a family is much easier.
On top of each screen, there is an infoirmation button which shows some extra helps for that screen.
When deleting an event, it tells you what will be deleted and you have an option not to delete the event.
Details about one receipt has a cleaner look.
Fixed the issue when wrong people were shown while transferring a share.
Some bugs removed and performance improved.
Special thanks to Hasnat G one of our users for is his/her input.